Our Story

In 2012, my father lost his battle to diabetes and that was when my world got flipped upside down. I've seen diabetes run rampant through my family and I knew at that moment there was more I could do.

Simple Wonders got started from health struggles in my immediate family, particularly diabetes. Today a handful of my family members still struggle with the disease but unfortunately my father did not carry on the same way...

Shortly after, my wife gave birth to our beautiful twin boys, at that moment I made the decision to do whatever it takes to prevent health issues, not only for myself but so my kids can spend as much time as possible with their mom and dad.

This fire in me ultimately inspired our Berberine Plus+ Ceylon Cinnamon supplement which has many natural benefits that greatly benefits those suffering from diabetes.

It’s my personal mission to help as many people in the world as possible from being diagnosed with this, that's the difference between us and everyone else.

At Simple Wonders, we're obsessed with your happiness, which is why we offer a Happiness Guarantee. There's nothing that we won't do to ensure your complete satisfaction and the betterment of your health.

We look forward to serving you for a long time.

Richard C.
Founder of Simple Wonders